ActiveBak #1 for Lumbar Support

Why Should You Buy The ActiveBak?

ActiveBak can help with many back problems aswell as helping with posture and shape

Chronic Lower Back Pain If you suffer with pain when doing sports and heavy tasks or just daily routines then ActiveBak can help.

Nerve Pain — ActiveBak can help relieve the pain associated with nerve pain

Ligament Pain — ActiveBak helps with posture and alignment reducing strain on ligaments

Discs — Agonising disc pain when doing strenuous tasks makes them impossible, ActiveBak's double layered stabalising technology will help stop that crushing pain.

Weight Loss! The Thermogenic effect of the belt will help you trim your waistline 

At The Gym or When Working Out Controls your posture so squats, sit ups, and weight lifting etc. will ensure no injury.

12 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Why Do You Need The ActivBak?

If you suffer from any kind of back pain either at work or in your leisure time then ActivBak is the safe solution you have been looking for.

Chronic Back Pain
The cause of this is largely down to inactivity, but with the ActivBak back support you will be able to get back into being active. 

Class 1 Medical Device
Recommended by the UK's health regulatory for the treatment of sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, post surgery and many more back related problems. ActivBak has been proven to help aleviate back pain and heal.

Work Related Assistance
Heavy lifting in the work place can cause strains and pains for your back by wearing the ActivBak suppurt brace you will be able to carry out your daily work tasks without fear of injury.

Powerful and Discreet
The High tech design with advanced adjustable double velcro system make the ActiveBak both comfortable and discreet for the wearer. The Thermal heat system create circulation of heat to help maintain blood flow to the muscles.

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The Pain of Lower Back Pain

It effects everyday life
Lower back pain can be nagging and nawing which makes you feel miserable, just getting through the day can be a real effort and seeking help can often lead to dead ends.

I want to do more but I can't....
Lower back pain is usually the result of mechanical or soft tissue injuries but these can be healed and moving can actually help to heal, with the ActiveBak brace you will be able to get moving straight away.

Who is the ActiveBak for?
Anyone that suffers from lower back pain can see positive results, from warehouse workers, athletes, sportsman, gardeners to any kind of person.

Why does it help?
Designed specifically for lumbar support the straps and the way the brace is made ensure the lower back will be supported and the built in posture control will encourage healing.

Can I get something similar at a lower price?
No, Copy versions have not been made to UK medical specifications so you can not be sure they are safe to use.

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"I have no problem in recommending the ActiveBak lumber support brace to my patients that suffer with all different kinds of back problems. The Activebak has shown great results in patients that want to help there back pain by being active."
Dr Raj Bharagihdan, Pulse Today

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Activebak does it work

ActiveBak For Under £21.00

Low Price but the best in its class
ActiveBak is made of high quality materials and has gone through extensive testing, UK testing is much more rigourous than is required in the USA. We know our product is the BEST in its range and we know that versions by competing brands are inferiour to ours...So what have you got to lose and with our money back gurantee it is worth trying.

Who are we?
We are a small family company based in London the United Kingdom and we are called Clever Yellow. We take great pride in our products and if we have complaints or an unhappy customer we take it very personally. We want you to be happy with our products 100% of the time.

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Fast Delivery - Secure Transactions

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Payment is by our 100% safe secure 128 bit encrypted system. Your card details will never be shared, saved or revealed the system we use ensure your card number is deleted immediatly after payment. Also we will never share your details with third parties or pass your email address to anyone ever. 

Partnering with Excellence
When you buy you will be transferred to Amazon have the worlds most secure payment system. Once payment has gone through we will ship your order within 3 working days. If you are not happy remember that we offer a 12 month refund policy if you are not happy. 

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12 month Money Back Gurantee

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See why users Love the ActiveBak

Josh, Endinburgh
Amazing product, this gave me so much pain relief that I was able to walk for more than 5 minutes for the first time in 5 years! I hope it continues to help me.
Joanna, Ipswich
I hurt my back when I was a child and even though I had daily pain I never really let it effect me but now in my 30's I find the pain in my lower back caused me to be less active and also suffer with symptoms associated with pain like tiredness and depression. My partner bought me the ActiveBak and it has helped so much, I wear it at work and at home and my pain lever has decreased by at least 75% I am happy to report so far it is working very well. Great product, thank you.
Alan, Dorset
You have to get this if you have back pain, It really works. After working in a warehouse for over 30 years I suffered with horrendous lower back pain due to heavy lifting. I have had so many injections I have lost count. The ActiveBak helps so much with managing my daily back pain, I can wear it all the time, it is very comfortable and does not effect your clothing. At the age of 63 I can do most tasks thanks to the ActiveBak.
Ferne, Newcastle
My lower back problems started about 18 months ago after I fell off a horse and for 8 months I was stuck with so much pain in my back, I did not want to take medication as the type offered would make me drowsy and i am very active person. I bought the activebak and it has been amazing it helped me carry on with my daily routine and it has also helped heal my injury. I very much recommend it.
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